Understanding fundamental analysis with TradingView

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Fundamental analysis is an important aspect of investing and not just for stocks but for all the asset classes including cryptocurrency futures bonds etc. fundamental analysis an also be used to examine the situation of a whole industry by assessing the supply and demand chains or a specific company by examining its financial statements like assets, liabilities, and earnings as well as its management and competition. Fundamental analysis helps you analyze profit from future prices goes by looking at the cause of this price movement.


Earnings are defined as ‘’Earnings represent the underlying profitability of a company.’’ every company sets out its earnings report on a quarterly or yearly basis and tey determine public perception of the company when it comes to factors like profits, losses, analyst expectations, conference calls.  the earning report determines the movement of the asset’s price.


If you are a growth investor the most important thing you’d want to look before investing is the momentum of the asset and its rapid expansion. Growth investors are interested in assets that are taking market share, creating new industries or, growing financial metrics like revenue and free cash flow.


A concept completely opposite to growth investing, value investing is all about investing in an undervalued asset. Undervalued assets as defined, are ‘’assets that are misunderstood by the market and trading at prices that are below its intrinsic value.’’  the most important thing to knows as a value investor is knowing the company’s worth as compared to where it trades on the open market. 


There are assets that regularly pay out a quarterly or yearly dividend for taking a specified risk, of holding the asset.  Fixed income investments come with lower risk and thus are more preferred within the retired professionals and institutional professionals. Fixed income strata include government bonds, corporate bonds, preferred shares, and any other asset that pays out a yield.

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