Best Stockbroker for day trading

Day trading is an entirely different concept from a long term trading option. With the help of day trading, a lot of investment options are taken care of. You usually won’t find them into your long term trading units. But to find the right day trader who can get you a valuable rate of interest, you have to find the best stock broker for day trading services right for you.

What is the fundamental concept of day trading?

Before divulging straight into the topic, let us be more clear and concise about the idea of day trading. Intraday trading, which is known as the day trading, is a type of trading where you have to buy and then sell a stock or the F&0 contract into the regular day with the intention to make sure that the profit which is made from the intraday is based onto the price movements. Let us brief you over a good example to understand the concept better. A stockbroker who is into day trading buys around 100 shares of a company at around rs. 650 at 10:00 am.

Now the price of the share has moved to around rs. 653 at 2:00 pm. if the seller has sold the shares then, they will make a profit of about rs. Three from the investment that they have done. It does not just involve the whole concept of buying and selling because it is a lot more than that for all. You make sure that you buy some shares at first when the prices are reaching into the market. Then you can contact for the end of the day and then wait to sell the shares at the falling price from the market.

Best brokers for day trading

Now let us move ahead of the topic and talk about the best brokers who are in store for the same. These brokers are readily applicable for intraday trading, and at the same time, they have expert knowledge of the said matter. Here is a list of all the compelling options which are made with just the best.

  1. Reliance securities

Coming to the top of the list, Reliance securities are the number one stockbrokers who can be included for the services of day trading. Here is the list of the following advantages that you can get from their team.


  • Their mobile app is a well-designed way to track and monitor all the happenings which are being sourced out into the market.
  • It is a well-designed platform to help you understand the slightest of changes in the whole stock and price.
  • Quick customer support helps you to connect with the server-client so that you can take their opinion when you are facing any inconvenience.
  • It provides a ton of research into this matter and helps you to find the best options as to when you can trade and when you can leave the source out accordingly.
  1. 5Paisa

5paisa has been known as the best stock brokerage and trading platforms from all the enthusiasts. This fantastic platform helps you to collect the information with the prominent name and in the full-service stockbroking, which can help you to understand the price fluctuations in the market. Plus, the best thing about this platform is the full range of trading products that you can get from all around.


  • It comes with a low brokerage charge that you won’t find with the other platforms out there. Ten rupees per trading is charged from their end to yours.
  • The decent platform is based on your sole stock related services to be carried out in a jiffy. It gets the work done and at the right time as well.
  • An active client base is formed, and over 1, 57,976 clients are trading with this fantastic stock brokerage for day trading unit service.
  1. Angel broking

Another excellent stock broker for day trading, Angel broking is the perfect service for you. First of all, it is one of the oldest names in the business. And you can completely trust this fantastic brand to get you the work done and in the right way. It has been in the launch of the stockbroking industry for about and from 1987.


  • It has over a lot of functionality and potential clients from all around the world who are readily invested and interested in their source of work.
  • High-quality research and tips with a form and tons of recommendations can help you to get your day trading onto the right track if you wish.
  • Extensive offline presence with the help of the 9000+ and subs from all the brokers and franchise networks from a long-range.
  • Flat brokerage plan and charges for if the turnover is around and more than 30- 50K and in that range.
  1. Zerodha

When it comes to day trading and other stock brokerage and market enterprises, then you can trust this fantastic brand name to do your work. It is one of the most known stock brokers present in India and among one of the discounted networks that you can get down.


  • This is one of the most and searched top brokers present in India.
  • It comes with a low brokerage cost, which can lead up to rs 20. It can be smaller, depending on the type of stocks that you are using for the market.
  • Well-designed trading platform which can help you to charge and get the fees up to and right in front. For additional information regarding your brokerage, you can contact their network directly if you want.

Wrapping it up

These amazing stockbroker platforms for your day trading helps you to get a concentrated solution on your work and does your source, right on time. And with their help and a discounted brokerage fee, you don’t even have to pay much upfront. With a minimal cost and a good subscription, you can look up to the various sources of stocks while you engage yourself in buying and selling them.

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