5 startup sectors with growth potential post 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic has proved to be a game-changer in a lot of aspects. Be it the working environment across the country or the healthcare, every sector is now getting ready to embrace the new normal. It is clear that MSMEs are suffering a lot in this situation, while some businesses have been hit badly due to the pandemic, there are some industries that started growing amid the pandemic. There was a whole untouched market which is now being explored, making the way for many existing sectors to bloom post-COVID.

Here are some sectors that are likely to grow post-COVID. 

  1. EdTech

With all the schools being shut and 100% of the education moving online, edtech sectors have seen tremendous growth. With institutions shifting to online teaching method and parents scared of sending their children for physical learning, ed-tech is tapping on every entity possible. Students from every COVID affected nation, every school are coming together for online learning on these EdTech platforms.

  1. Workspace management

Along with education, COVID has changed the way office function. With businesses practising cost-cutting effectively, and remote working culture, managed workspace is helping corporates fulfil their needs of compact and cost-efficient workspaces.

  1. Healthcare and well-being

The pandemic gave a harsh reality check about poor healthcare facilities across the world. The health emergency has made people paranoid about their immune system and these people will now do anything to stay fit and healthy. With new innovation ideas and new startups emerging in the sector,  the health and wellness industry is already on its way to become the one with mo9st growth potential in the future.

  1. E-commerce

S stated earlier, people are now paranoid and will refrain from visiting anything crowded like grocery mart, shopi9ing complexes, etc. So what’s the alternative? E-commerce! E-commerce has provided safe and hygenic deliveries to all the essentials, while maintaining social distancing.  Due to these factors, the e-commerce industry is all set to grow its customer-retail operations and is also largely supported by the ever-changing technology.

     5. Entertainment

In the 6 months of staying at home, what did people spend most of their time doing? The answer is clear, either binge-watching on OTT platforms like Netflix and Prime or playing games online. So where is the entertainment sector ex[pected to go? The answer is right in front of us. Being the time-efficient and more p[ersonalised versio0-n of entertainment, OTTs and online games have made their way through people’s hearts, very swiftly.

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